January 19/20 • Intro to ATM Triptych — Art, Traditional and Modern Challenge

Welcome to 2017! 

This year’s programming is designed to touch equally on the three major quilting move-ments: Art, Traditional, and Modern.

To kick off the year, Debi Pickens and Patti Luton will present in January. Their presentation – “ATM:  Art, Traditional, Modern  A Triptych of Riches in Quilting and Friendship” – will set the stage and introduce the program committee’s 2017 guild challenge. 

You’ll want to get the programming and challenge information first-hand. Plan to attend either the Thursday, January 19, 6:30 pm or Friday, January 20, 9:45 am meeting. Come prepared to declare your quilting style (A, T, or M?) and be open to new ideas and arrangements!